Ultra White


Not a Formulation but a Solution to Fairer Body Appearance

Ultra White is a powerful whitening peptide proven to rapidly stop melanin production for a noticeable difference in skin brightness.

Discovered in Tomato plant extracts, Ultra White peptide is nature’s solution to skin fairness without affecting cell deterioration, skin peeling or irritation.

Working subcutaneously, Ultra White peptide effectively binds with muscarinic receptor 2 in melanocytes to inhibit the
oxidization of tyrosine. Melanin production is therefore arrested, reducing the manifestations of dark pigments in the dermal surface.

Research has also demonstrated Ultra White's effect in reducing melanoma-cancer in vivo providing an added long term benefit to skin-health maintenance.



Ultra White

Ultra White is available in normal strength (X1) and triple strength (X3) .


  • Whitening
  • Botanical
  • Non-irritant
  • Anti-melanoma

Ultra White